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foto profilo Marianna Bruno illustratrice e autrice

Born in Cuneo, Italy, in 1999.

She works strictly by hand with traditional techniques, particularly tempera and gouache, focusing on the themes of folklore, nature, symbols and primitivism, as well as the relationships existing between human, nature and culture.

She works as a freelance illustrator and author, and collaborates with theatre companies, museums, cultural associations and artist residencies.

Casa Walser laboratorio Marianna Bruno


  • 2022 - Advanced Course in Engraving and Printmaking Techniques. Il Bisonte International School for Graphic Arts and Art Foundation, Firenze, Italy.

  • 2021 - BA Painting and Illustration. Libera Accademia d'Arte Novalia, Alba, Italy.




  • 2024 - ILLUSTRACIENCIA, exhibition of the selected artists, MNCN Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid (Spain).

  • 2024 - ErotiQUI, group exhibition, Qui Mondovì - lo spazio di mogg, Mondovì (Italy).

  • 2023 - RECHERCHE, STORIE DI MONTAGNE, personal exhibition, Museo Civico della Stampa, Mondovì (Italy).

  • 2023 - MONTAGNE SACRE: LE ILLUSTRAZIONI DI MARIANNA BRUNO, personal exhibition, Sala Olivetti, Beinette (Italy).

  • 2023 - NOTTE DI FIABA, selected illustrators exhibitions, MAG Museo Alto Garda, Riva del Garda (Italy).

  • 2023 - PREMIO NUVOLOSA, finalist illustrators exhibition, Palazzo Ferrero, Biella (Italy).

  • 2023 - LUDICOMIX, awarded illustrators exhibition, Empoli (Italy).

  • 2022 - SILVESTRE / PERSONALE DI MARIANNA BRUNO, personal exhibition, Giallouovo Coworking / Illustrada festival.

  • 2022 - UN ANNO AL BISONTE, final exhibition, Bisonte International School for Graphic Arts and Art Foundation, Firenze (Italy).

Casa Walser laboratorio Marianna Bruno


  • 2024 - ILLUSTRACIENCIA, Premio Internacional de Ilustración Científica y de la Naturaleza, Spain. Finalist.

  • 2023 - IL MIO PRIMO LIBRO DI FIGURE, Festival Illustrada, Mondovì (CN). Finalist.

  • 2023 - PREMIO NUVOLOSA CITTÀ DI BIELLA, Festival del Fumetto, Biella. Finalist.

  • 2023 - BOit CONTEST, Bologna. Selected for the longlist.

  • 2023 - RACCONTAMI CONTEST, collettivo Le Vanvere e Ludicomix, Empoli. Awarded illustrator.

  • 2023 - YOUNG BOTANICAL ARTIST COMPETITION, Shirley Sherwood Collection, Londra (UK). Selected for the longlist.

  • 2022 - CONCORSO GIOVANI di Inchiostro Festival, Alessandria. Awarded illustrator.




  • 4/01/2024 - 31/03/2024 - KH MESSEN INTERNATIONAL ARTIST RESIDENCY, Ålvik, Hordaland, Norway.

  • July 2023 - CASA WALSER, walser village of Hòbelté (Gressoney) Valle D'Aosta, Italy.

  • September 2022 - BEICA BEN, artist-in-residence project to enhance the cultural identity of the Occitan Alps, Caraglio (CN).

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